Workplace Applications

From medical to military applications, Zoombang® Protective Gear™ is being used in very customized gear to help provide  developed through a collaborative effort with some of the most respected professional trainers, equipment managers and athletes.

Our proprietary Zoombang® viscoelastic polymer is a semi-solid plastic like material that is extremely soft at rest and will conform to any shape. However it will instantly change characteristics and behave as a solid when impact is applied.

Zoombang® is currently used in the following workplace applications:

Zoombang® Benefits:

The most advanced padding material available

  • Dissipates more energy than foams and gels – up to 80%
  • 40% lighter than gels
  • Soft at rest yet instantly stiffens upon impact
  • Dramatically improves the fit and comfort of traditional pads
  • Exceeds NFHS specifications