The Company


ZB Products, LP is the next generation leadership of the Zoombang™ technology. Zoombang™ is a visco-elastic shear thickening polymer and its use for impact protection was a result of years of research and development from a world leader in the use of polymers for metal finishing operations.

As a result of the extensive use of these polymers for a myriad of different applications, ZB Products, LP gained an extensive knowledge that allows it to formulate a different polymer for each different application, being these sports protection, industrial protection, ballistics, military, anti-vibration, electronic protection etc.

ZB Products, LP is today the leader in the use of polymers integrated with garments for the protection of star athletes in virtually every professional sport.


ZB Products, LP strives to be the world leader and the preferred world supplier of the best protection materials available, as well as the best overall solution for body protection in sports, industrial and military applications while consistently developing the polymer formulas for increased performance in all modalities.


Through the appropriate partnerships with other companies and institutions, ZB Products, LP is planing to increase the exposure of this technology and is making it available to users in the semi-professional, college and school levels.

The partnership between ZB Products, LP and other companies that have the know-how in the fields of garment manufacturing and materials, results in a product that has the ultimate quality with regards to fit, durability and protection for every specific use for sports, industrial or personal defense.