The Company


For over 15 years, patented polymers by Zoombang™ have been protecting athletes, soldiers, law enforcement and industrial workers worldwide. As one of the first padded compression shirts used the NFL and NHL, our protection is legendary. The science behind Zoombang’s technology is a complex combination of material engineering and encapsulating methods that result in the perfect pad for each application. Products utilizing the Zoombang polymer represent the next generation of protection as our polymers react to direct contact and redistribute the stress of the force, reducing the force of an impact.

The Science

Zoombang is a visco-elastic shear thickening polymer and its use for impact protection is the result of years of research and development from a world leader in polymer manufacturing.

As a result of the extensive use of these polymers for a myriad of different applications, the team at Zoombang gained a comprehensive knowledge of the science that allows it to formulate a different polymer for a wide range of applications, whether for sports, industrial, ballistics, military, anti-vibration or electronic protection.

The ZB-7’s unique polymer composition is capable of a very high degree of energy/force dissipation and derives its superior energy adsorbing behavior from the unique physical properties of the viscoelastic compound. The bulk of the compound is composed of a high molecular density, highly viscous, highly elastic polymer fluid. The fluid is then compounded with rheological modifiers and other fillers to control the physical and rheological properties of the finished padding compound.


Zoombang strives to be the preferred world supplier of protective polymers and the best overall solution for body protection in sports, industrial and military applications, while consistently refining the polymer formulas for increased performance in all modalities.

Testing Results

Protective Apparel Testing:

In 2018, Zoombang announced third-party test results of protective wear that confirmed Zoombang’s products outperformed globally recognized sports gear providers McDavid, Under Armour, Schutt and Nike in energy absorption. Zoombang’s thickening polymers absorb and distribute impact blows better than the competition: 43 percent better than McDavid, 40 percent better than Under Armour, 42 percent better than Schutt, and 45 percent better than Nike.

Ballistic Testing

In 2017, Zoombang commissioned NTS Chesapeake Testing, a leading Ballistics testing laboratory, to perform independent third-party testing of the ballistic resistance of the ZB-7 Trauma Pad in accordance with NIJ-STD-1010.06 Level III (modified). The testing results confirmed that the ZB-7 pad captured up to 93 percent of the energy not absorbed by the Body Armor. While the test results varied by the caliber of the projectile, the pad’s results confirm the effectiveness of the ZB-7 Trauma Pad when used in conjunction with Body Armor, adding to the level of effectiveness already exhibited by the Body Armor.

Vision – come grow with us

The Company welcomes discussions with potential strategic partners in all industries where the Zoombang level protection is needed. For the world-class brands we’re proud to partner with, we have created market-defining products that add value and create an advantage. If you feel you have a product that could benefit from our industry leading polymer, please email us at