Rick Burkholder

Zoombang’s products are the best choice of protective padding following injury.

John A. Norwig

I want to thank Zoombang Products for assisting us with a variety of injuries to various body parts. I have been pleased with the quality of the product and the protections it has provided. I am also impressed by the company’s ability to custom make the protective pads necessary for an early return to the… Read more »

Todd Hewitt

I just wanted to let you know how much our players like the Zoombang Shoulder Pad Inserts. One of our players, Adam Timmerman, an All-Pro Guard has a chronic AC shoulder condition. Since putting the inserts in his shoulder pads, he has had no problems.

Jon Scott

Zoombang protective shirts have given our receivers the confidence to play the game as hard as they can.

Jevon Kearse

Zoombang padding protects my hands from the practice field to the game!

Mike McCord

I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort spent designing a Zoombang shirt for Julius Jones to wear under his pads , which gave him the mental confidence needed to play the game. We are informing all of our players to use Zoombang shoulder pad inserts, custom shirts and thigh pads… Read more »

Tony Egues

In the 2005 Season, we experienced a number of shoulder contusions. With the help of Zoombang, we were able to take immediate action to keep our players on the field. The custom pad for the shoulder area was successful and, to date, we have four players using Zoombang custom shirts.

Scott Ritchie

As a new customer and user of Zoombang® Protective Gear, I am writing to express my complete satisfaction and 100% brand loyalty heretofore with your fantastic product. I have never had a more comfortable race, in the Champ Car Rotax Max Challenge Series, than I did following the purchase of the Rib Protection Shirt. It… Read more »

Maia Goodall

I noticed that after serious hitting practice, my AC joint was very sore and bruised, even under my pads. My athletic trainer told me about your product so I ordered the pads from the website, which came promptly and easily attached to my Douglas Zena Pads. I have to tell you, within a week, I… Read more »

Jason McMaster

We use various forms of Zoombang products for injury prevention and protection. Zoombang is a great asset for any Sports Equipment Manager.