Sam Trusner

“Our members at every level, high school through the NFL, rave about the protection that the Zoombang apparel offers their athletes. Zoombang not only protects our athletes, but has promoted our profession by offering scholarships and support for our Certification process. This ensures that Equipment Managers are aware of current fitting, repair, and maintenance on… Read more »

Chris Jones, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS

“Zoombang is the go to garment for protection for all our student-athletes. It provided the fit, comfort, protection, and durability that keep our student-athletes in the game.”

Brian Coutras

“Prior to the season, I was introduced to the Zoombang line of products. At TCU we have started to use the Zoombang Shoulder Pad inserts. I have placed them into the shoulder pads of our players who play inside the box or have had a previous injury. I am able to use this as a… Read more »

“Dr Dan” Munton MD

“As a Sports Medicine physician and father of 3 children who all love sports, I realize first-hand the importance of safety and staying on the field that Zoombang provides . For years, I have promoted Zoombang on my Sports Medicine radio show, Dox n’ Jox to help spread the word on this incredible product that… Read more »

George Stubbs

“Zoombang Protective Gear is the best protective gear on the market right now. Assured coverage with the padded girdles, shoulder and rib shirts. Great investment for our team.”

Kent Mitchell, M.D.

“ Zoombang offers unparalleled protection for athletes engaged in contact sports. For these, and for anyone else serious about getting in the game, and staying in the game, I recommend performance gear by Zoombang every time.”

Benjamin C. Dagley, D.O.

“Zoombang is the most unique material in the world when it comes to protective body gear. The uses are almost unlimited and nothing else comes close to providing the same level of protection. I fully recommend it for athletes, police officers, military personnel and my patients.”

Collin Francis

“We use Zoombang protective wear on a daily basis. Whether it be regular practice padding, or protecting an injury, it is our go to option for padded clothing”

Dan Morphis

Our players at Coastal Carolina love the feel and protection of the Zoombang products. They are light and comfortable, but gives a player maximum protection.

Rick Burkholder

Zoombang’s products are the best choice of protective padding following injury.