Pushing yourself to your limit while practicing and competing requires protection. Zoombang® padded garments are designed to fit comfortably under standard garments to offer an extra layer of protection during practice and the toughest of competitions.



The light weight, low profile pads make Zoombang® an ideal piece of protective equipment for the volleyball player, protecting those areas where it’s needed most. ZB Products, LP Zoombang® Protective Gear™ was designed through a collaborative effort with some of the most highly respected trainers, coaches, and players in the business.

The unique ability for Zoombang® polymers to react in direct proportion to the energy applied sets it apart from any other form of added protection for the athlete. An additional benefit of Zoombang® Protective Gear™ is that our polymer, being fluid-like at rest, will conform to the individual player’s anatomy and helps fill voids between the athlete and traditional protection.

The result is an overall equipment fit that was previously impossibly to achieve. Zoombang® has a line of products that include padded shorts, wrist guard, and arm padded sleeve to cover all the protection a volleyball player needs.

For more information, watch the “Joey Makes The Team” video.