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Improve Safety Without Impacting the Mission

Zoombang’s state-of-the-art Ballistic Chest Shield provides unmatched protection, comfort and mobility that enables resilience against armor-piercing ammo and physical attacks. Protective gear can be the difference between life and death for those involved in law enforcement and military defense, and our patented PolyShield™ supports optimal performance and safety without limiting mobility.

The Essential Complement to Any Ballistic Vest

Live fire tests show our Ballistic Chest Shield:

  • Reduces bruising and injuries from back-face deformation by up to 96%
  • Absorbs up to 80% of heat transfer that burns skin
  • Deflects up to 100% of spall, or bullet fragmentation causing secondary injuries

Results That Speak for Themselves

Designed to stiffen on impact and return to a cushioning state quickly, data shows our Ballistic Chest Shield is reliable and safe before, during and after that critical moment.

Ammunition0 x Shield (mm)1 x Shield (mm)2 x Shield (mm)
30 APM243.328.9  -33%19.6  -54%
44 Mag29.224.9  -14%16.8  -42%
357 Sig19.812.8  -35%6.3   -68%
M8023.71.8   -92%0.7   -97%

Third-party testing of the Ballistic Chest Shield working in conjunction with Level III and Level IV ceramic plates proved an average BFS (Back Face Signature) reduction of 96.26% with a Level III ceramic plate being shot with 7.62 X 51mm M80 FMJ 149 grain, and an average BFS reduction of 44% for a Level IV ceramic plate being shot with a .30-06 Armor Piercing Round 166 grain.

Why Trust Zoombang’s Ballistic Chest Shield?

  • We use high-quality, viscoelastic polymer covered with plain polyurethane and CORDURA®, the most durable protective material on the market. Others use Kevlar® or air-injected, foam-based polymer, which is less abrasion resistant and traps moisture.
  • The Ballistic Chest Shield is reusable and machine-washable even after most impacts, making costly replacements and one-and-done usage a thing of the past.
  • At just 5/8-inch thick, our breathable, flexible material molds to your body and keeps you cool. While other vests can bulk up to 3 inches, we prioritize mobility while ensuring a comfortable temperature.
  • Our shield works in conjunction with the ballistic vest of your choice rather than only fitting certain vests, dramatically increasing the protective barrier without adding noticeable volume to the uniform.

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