Military and Ballistics

Zoombang® polymer’s unique properties makes it an ideal medium to be applied to the parts of the body that need protection in the law enforcement and military fields.


The pliable nature of the material allows it to mold itself to the body of the person wearing it, resulting in a comfortable fit with free movement. When impact occurs the material stiffens instantaneously and provides the protection that the agents needs in that critical moment.

Zoombang® pads in combination with an existing vest for ballistic protection reduces back-face deformation by up to 40% from the impact of a 9mm shot.

Zoombang® can be used by police officers in the line of duty, special forces and military personnel operating on the front lines. Its low profile and light weight combine to make it the ideal product to be worn comfortably under the usual protective garments, dramatically increasing the protective barrier without adding noticeable weight or volume to the overall uniform.