Industrial Applications

Zoombang® Protective Gear™ dissipates shock and vibration transferred to the body from operating heavy equipment, impact tools, or performing repetitive assembly work and will dramatically reduce fatigue, numbness, and pain.



Our special polymer, located in the areas of the hands, knees, elbows, shoulders or in any other area where stress from work can be felt, takes the bulk of the impact or attenuates the vibrations generated by power tools and heavy equipment, allowing operators to work longer times without the harmful effects of this type of affront in their bodies.

Zoombang® partners with many leaders in the manufacturing and design of gloves. An all purpose glove including Zoombang® material has been released and it is available for purchase through multiple distribution channels.

Zoombang® can be applied in single protection elements such as gloves, knee pads, elbow pads or can also be integrated in garments as an integral part of the protective gear.